i'm tired. so tired.

a short, emotional slice of what it's like being a medical worker, perpetually understaffed and underpaid

made with flickgame; advance by clicking certain colours on each screen

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Made withFlickgame
Tags2D, Experimental, flickgame, Lo-fi, Mouse only, Narrative, Pixel Art


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I love it. thank you for making this (:

thank you for this comment omg

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does it end on the frame where the perspective changes? just checking to make sure i saw the whole thing!


yes! unfortunately flickgame's limited to 16 frames and i refused to cut even one for the sake of an end card


the pacing works really well, so i feel like u made the right choice 💪


It's good. Simple but strong.


very neat. can definitely feel the emotion coming through


Simple but powerful, I like it!